Why Should Men Worry About Their Blood Sugar?
Patricia Zifferblatt | June 1, 2005

Here’s one very good reason for men to control their blood sugar and prevent diabetes: recent studies coming out of State University of New York at Buffalo and Baylor College of Medicine show that one out of three men who have diabetes also has low testosterone levels. This very important information can affect a man’s life, lifestyle, and well-being.

In a report from University at Buffalo, researchers said, “We are describing a new complication of type-2 diabetes. We are saying that the largest group of people who have low testosterone levels are diabetics. It means that the pituitary gland, which controls all the hormones in the body, is not working very well. We are talking about one-third of the men with diabetes being at risk of high fat mass, low muscle mass, low bone density, depression, and erectile dysfunction.”

Researchers found that in the men tested, the pituitary gland was not making enough lutenizing hormones, the hormones that tell the male body to make testosterone.

Doesn’t a man’s testosterone level drop naturally as he ages?

Yes, and if he’s obese, his testosterone level drops even more! Diabetes compounds these effects.

Here’s the kicker, ladies and gentlemen: Low testosterone levels are linked to erectile dysfunction, as well as all those other problems the researchers listed. Add all of this together with insulin resistance, and you can readily see why there are many reasons to control blood sugar with diet, exercise, supplementation, and medications, if necessary.

Live long and well, for all your years!
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