Gotu Kola
January 2001

The active principal parts of the plant appear to be triterpene glycosides that can range from 2-75 percent in extract form. Gotu Kola is used primarily to accelerate healing of wounds, ulcers, or damaged tissues. In large doses it acts like a narcotic causing stupor, headaches, and sometimes coma.

Clinical results indicate that it works well on varicose veins, cellulite, and circulatory insufficiencies, especially in the lower body area. Gotu Kola is also recommended for Scleroderma, a serious connective tissue disease process. Some claim that it can strengthen and energize the brain; however, more research must be done before we suggest anyone adopt its usage as a brain tonic. Recent pharmacological studies have shown that extracts of Gotu Kola exhibit a sedative activity similar to that of Meprobamate and Chlorpromazine.
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