Weight Loss Wonders: Why?
Chester J. Zelasko, Ph.D. | July 31, 2008

George Sheehan was a physician, a philosopher, and a runner. In an essay about health and fitness, he said something I feel is significant: “People can be threatened, coaxed, and enticed to starting fitness activities, but all too often, starting has nothing to do with staying.”

That’s the biggest wonder of all: why are you not doing all you can to be healthy and fit? You know how. That hasn’t changed in decades: eat less, move more.

We get caught up in reading labels, wondering when we should eat what type of food, and asking what type of exercise will burn a few more calories than another. None of that is really important if you’re not overeating and you’re exercising regularly.

The primary issue is: why do you want to be healthy and fit? So you can look good? Okay, that’s a fine reason. So you can live healthier for longer? Great. Because you want to be around for your children and grandchildren or to see your favorite niece grow up? Excellent. You figure out the why and you’ll be compelled to do it. You’ll want to do it. No guilt. No threats. No coaxing.

This is your life, and as far as we know, it’s the only one you get. Figure out the why, get off it, and get after it.
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