Holiday Foods That Can Really Pack On The Pounds
The Better Life Experts | December 18, 2008

Those “in the know”, claim that the average person in the United States gains between 7-15 pounds over the Holidays. What foods are the culprits? If one could avoid/limit just 5 foods, what would they be?

Well, everyone has his/her own ideas, but these are the ones we think most people should watch carefully:
  1. Pecan Pie….Resist eating more than 1 small piece of this pie made with eggs, cream and lots of sugar;

  2. Eggnog….Made with real cream, brandy, and whole eggs. Stick with 1 small serving of this delicious brew;

  3. Candied Yams…We usually eat them 1-2 times a year and they are so good, especially with nuts and marshmallows on top, made with real butter and brown sugar – yum. Again, watch your portions;

  4. Cheesy Dips….The creamier and fattier the better whether on carrot sticks or chips or toast. Whoa, go easy on these!

  5. Creamy Gravy….Add heavy cream, butter and flour to meat juices and you a little slice of heaven. Go easy on ALL sauces that are basically fat, flour, and cream.
If we limit or restrict the 5 above mentioned foods, perhaps we could lower the poundage we bring into the New Year.

What would your list look like?
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