Arthritis and Exercise
Asthma And Exercise - Stay Hydrated
Avoiding Prostate Enlargement
Breathing 101
Cold, Heat And Healing
Dairy Zits?
Exercise and Parkinson's Disease
Gallstones and Exercise
High Protein Diets and Bad Breath
Important, But Embarrassing?
Is it Okay to Exercise if you Have Hypertension?
Low Back Pain
Metabolic Syndrome and Sexual Health — Can Exercise Help?
More Embarrassing But Important Health Tips
Obesity, Lack Of Fitness And Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Pain vs. Discomfort
Piriformis Syndrome - A Real Pain in the Rear End
Preventing Wrist Fractures
Side Stitches
Stretch Marks 
Sweaty Feet
Why Do I Sweat So Much?


Abdominal Training
Achieving Body Sculpting Results without Surgery
Another Great Reason To Do Interval Training
Barefootin: A Good Way to Promote Balance
Benefits Of Cross Training
Building Bone Cartilage Health - Knees
Calorie Burn
Can Exercise Kick Start Our Basal Metabolic Rate?
Dirty Little Secrets - Thermogenic Products
Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat?
Excuses And Progress
Exercise Boredom
Exercising Outdoors: Sunblock, Sunscreen & SPF
Fat Burning Zone
Getting Rid of Belly Fat - Diet or Exercise?
Golf Season Is Upon Us
I'm Sick - Can I Still Exercise?
Immune Booster
Jogging Technique
Keeping the Knees Strong and Supple
Kids And Exercise, Part 1
Kids And Exercise, Part 2
Kids and Exercise, Part 3
Kids And Television
Let's Get It Started
Mistakes We Make While Working Out
Pain (Another Four Letter Word)
Pain II (Another Four Letter Word)
Passive Living (Woulda', Coulda', Shoulda')
Probabilities Explored
Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Or Machine)
Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired
The Importance of Cooling Down
The Mental Benefits of Exercise
Tight Hamstrings and Lower Back Pain
Too Tired To Exercise
Use It Or Lose It
Using The Stability Ball For Core Strength
Walking And Running Safety
Walking Program Log - Part 1
What are the Differences Between Concentric and Eccentric Muscle Contraction?
Who is Looking at Whom?
Why People Join Gyms and Still Don't Exercise
Workout According To Your Body Type


Am I Hungry?
Are Cancer Survivors Pursuing Healthier Lifestyles?
Back To School
Calling All Dogs
Colon Cleansing - Should I Or Shouldn't I?
Fast Food
Fountain Of Youth
Get Real
People Will Talk
The Big "Why?"
The Control Knob - Ready, Set-Point, Go
The Human Heart Never Takes a Holiday
The Kitchen Sponge, Part 1
The Kitchen Sponge, Part 2
The Pressure To Make Promises At The Beginning Of A New Year
They're Watching You
'Tis the Season
Try Again
Wash Your Hands and Cover Your Mouth!
What Can I Do To Get Rid Of Cellulite?


"Bariatric Diets"
"No Fat" Does Not Mean Non-Fattening
Am I Really Hungry, Or What?
Apple Season
Barbequed Chicken Pizza
Breakfast - The Forgotten Meal
Calorie Density - How To Eat More Food And Fewer Calories
Calories 101
Calories 101: Cotton Candy
Calories 101: Fatty Sweets
Calories 101: French Fries
Calories 101: Hot Dog
Calories 101: Measuring Your Food
Calories 101: Peanuts
Calories 101: Pizza
Calories 101: Sugary Sweets
Calories Counted
Complex versus Simple Carbohydrates
Convenient And Nutritious
Crash Dieting
Drink Up
Feeling Sleepy After Meals
Good Fat and Bad Fat
Holiday Foods That Can Really Pack On The Pounds
Hot Potato
Improving Protein Requirements the Meatless Way
Is Halloween Candy Safe For Our Kids?
Is Organic Food Really Healthier?
Kids And Cooking
Kids And Fruit Juice
Kids And Recipes
Kids' Concentration In School - Do Healthy Lunches Make A Difference?
Looking For a Quick Fix to a Long Term Problem
Nutrition And The Big Three
Raw Food Diet
Some Different Fruit
Soy vs. Whey Proteins For Building Muscle - Which Is Better?
St. Patrick's Day
Stress And Hunger Are Obstacles To A Healthy Diet
The After-Lunch Slump
The Allure of "Fast Food"
The Cabbage Soup Diet
The Glycemic Index Conundrum
Top 10 Foods
Turkey Apple Wraps


Supplementation For The Person Beginning An Exercise Program

Weight Management

30 Day Session 1 Day 1
30 Day Session 1 Day 11
30 Day Session 1 Day 15
30 Day Session 1 Day 18
30 Day Session 1 Day 22
30 Day Session 1 Day 25
30 Day Session 1 Day 29
30 Day Session 1 Day 31
30 Day Session 1 Day 4
30 Day Session 1 Day 8
30 Day Session 2 Day 13
30 Day Session 2 Day 16
30 Day Session 2 Day 2
30 Day Session 2 Day 20
30 Day Session 2 Day 23
30 Day Session 2 Day 27
30 Day Session 2 Day 30
30 Day Session 2 Day 6
30 Day Session 2 Day 9
30 Day Session 2 Let's Begin (Again)
30 Day Session 3 Day 12
30 Day Session 3 Day 16
30 Day Session 3 Day 19
30 Day Session 3 Day 2
30 Day Session 3 Day 23
30 Day Session 3 Day 26
30 Day Session 3 Day 30
30 Day Session 3 Day 5
30 Day Session 3 Day 9
Abandon It
Alcohol Consumption And Weight Gain?
Basal Metabolism And Men
Can You Really Lose More Weight Drinking Ice Water?
Everyone Cooks
Exercise Can Ease The Symptoms Of Anxiety & Depression
Free Picks
Frozen Meals
Green Tea Consumption And Weight Loss
Holiday Eating
Holiday Weight Gain
I Was Expecting A Miracle
Many Of Us Practice Self-Defeating Behavior
Memorial Day
No More Waiting
Plateaus-The Body
Plateaus-The Mind Game
Satisfaction & Weight Loss
Soft Drinks
Soup's On!
Still Undecided
That One Thing
The Distortion Game
The Dreaded "Middle Age Spread"
The Fiber Cocktail
The Limitations Of BMI
Victory Clothes
Visualize Portion Control
Weight Loss Myth: Carbs Make You Fat
Weight Loss Myths: Diet Futility
Weight Loss Supplements
Weight Loss Supplements - CLA
Weight Loss Supplements - HCA
Weight Loss Supplements - Minerals
Weight Loss Wonders: Why?
Weight-Loss Myth: Breakfast
Weight-Loss Myth: Food Combining
Weight-Loss Myth: Ice Water
Weight-Loss Myth: Iceberg Lettuce Is Worthless
Weight-Loss Myth: Late-Night Eating
Weight-Loss Myth: Maintaining Muscle
Weight-Loss Myth: Muscle and Calories
Weight-Loss Myth: Muscle vs. Fat
Weight-Loss Myth: Pregnancy
Weight-Loss Myth: Small Meals
Weight-Loss Myth: Spicy Food
Weight-Loss Myth: Stay Out Of The Pool
Weight-Loss Myth: Sugar Is Bad
Weight-Loss Myth: The Blood-Type Diet
Weight-Loss Myth: Walking vs. Running
Weight-Loss Myth: Water And Toxins
Weight-Loss Wonders: Chromium Picolinate
Weight-Loss Wonders: Forever?
Weight-Loss Wonders: Grilling
Weight-Loss Wonders: Lemonade Cleanse
Weight-Loss Wonders: Metabolism Boosters
Weight-Loss Wonders: Protein And Carbohydrates
Weight-Loss Wonders: Spot Reduction
Weight-Loss Wonders: Weight Training For Children

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